“But What If It’s Raining?”

On the off chance you’ve just accidentally stumbled across me, and this blog, you may like to know that I’m currently conditioning my body to cope with a 40km walk along various parts of the Great Wall of China; a) just because it sounds like fun, and b) to raise much needed funds for, and awareness of the amazing work that SANE Australia do.

As I approach the twelve-weeks-to-go mark, I am doing an awful lot of walking. Got somewhere to go? I walk there.

To be honest, I’m starting to feel a little Forrest Gump, as I walk and walk and walk and get home and discover that instead of having walked for 23 days straight, I’ve really only done half an hour and three kilometres.

Also, I don’t have the Kathmandu or Anaconda sponsorship that Forrest Gump would no doubt have received, where he doing the same thing. But never mind.

And in fairness, I have managed a couple of 8km stints, which feel like three weeks but are only an hour and a half. I’m getting there …

You can follow all the fun and trauma my children and husband are experiencing on my Instagram – @madcowsdiary and specifically the #MadCowSANETrain hashtag.

Inevitably, a question I am often asked is “What if it’s raining?”

Delving further into it, it is a question of interest borne of the acceptance that I need to do a

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