C, I just don't get it

A conversation over on my Retell Therapy Forums has commenced, and my gorgeous members have decided I should see if I can get my hands on one of these to “review”.

The “C string”. Apparently.

I am one of these people who doesn’t generally like to spend money on something that is “useless” – it must have a use. Yes, I’m a horrible mother who buys things like clothes and books for her childrens’ friends on their birthdays, or will perform an elaborate investigation as to the child in question’s likes and disliked and only every buy toys when I know what their passions are, and never any other time.

So was pleased to read that a C-string is quite versatile, and according to the C String Direct website, not only do they offer the benefit of no panty lines or tan lines, but it can also be worn under dresses, skirts and jeans.

Not only that – yes, there’s more to this amazing product

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  1. WTH is that thing? OMG – seriously, that wouldn’t be comfortable to wear would it. I’d imagine having to worry all day about the “thing” falling off onto the ground, whilst I’m running late to drop off or pick my kids up from school!

  2. You have seriously given me the biggest laugh i have had in days!! That was hysterical and you are sooo right, i completely agree!!!

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