Caked Out

[Insert something witty/profound/humorous/humbling/heartwrenching that refers to birth of second child 11 years ago – something for the masses]

I would do it, but after yesterday’s running around shenanigans, whereby Monkey Boy was transported to the doctor for a checkup on his “I feel off a cliff and broke my arm” minor fracture in his left wrist, followed by a drop off at school with an “I’ll take you for the follow up x-rays after school”, calling Grumpy Pants to discover he was not available this afternoon, after school, to attend to appropriate, responsible-adult type care of the other two offspring, so pulling Monkey Boy out of school for the final two periods and heading back the Children’s Hospital for x-rays, and the need to do something about cake or something for school for Godzilla today, my mind cannot think of anything remotely appropriate.

Speaking of cake, I was inspired not only by requests for more

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