Can we start Wine O'Clock again, please?

Excruciating headache from yesterday, the one that culminated in near-migraine and had me hit the pillow at 8.37 last night, had subsided considerably upon waking this morning.

Toddler appeared to be completely over his vomitty episodes. That is, until he sat in his high chair, contemplated the breakfast (weetbix and yogurt) that had just been placed in front of him, and vomited into that.

Right. No breakky for him.

Off on a walk, under guise of dropping kids at school. Or is that the other way around? Anyhoo, kids dumped, coffee had with hubby and toddler and it was time to go home and tackle To Do List.

It was a large list, but I managed to work my way through it, adding a few bits and pieces as I went, just so I could add some more ticks and feel like I’d acheived more. There are some days you feel so far from functioning that you need to do what you can to make yourself feel better. The rest of the house don’t contribute much in that area.

Except for this evening, when Godzilla handed me a flower. A squished, mangled flower.

“Here, I got this flower for you, Mummy,” he said, tossing it at me. “It’s been in my pocket all day.”


The Favourite Uncle had arrived, with the intention of taking Grumpy and I out for dinner as a thank you for something we’d done for him, completely forgetting he is our babysitter and we were unable to work out the logistics of that one. So we cooked him dinner instead.

Popped in to finish off a teensy job, looked up and realised I’d missed Wine O’Clock. A much anticipated Wine O’Clock, complete with much needed wine.

Raced out to pour self a wine – apparent hints along lines of “pour me a wine!” were seemingly far too cryptic for rest of household to understand – and promptly knock it over, spilling most of it under the toaster. Should make for an interesting breakky tomorrow morning. Must remember that in the morning.

Drink what is left in glass in order to steady hand so can refill it.

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