Can we talk about the Tooth Fairy?

The Tooth Fairy has been required to visit our house three times in the space of two weeks this month.

It happens like this; nothing for ages then seemingly a mouthful all at once. Then one here and there, then nothing …

The Tooth Fairy, though, let’s just say she’s about as inconsistent with her arrivals, taking the tooth and leaving a gold coin as thanks. She was a few days late the first time, managed a few additional days for the subsequent tooth and turned up in the middle of the day following the third. A good twelve hours or so ‘late’.

She even resorted to blaming the weather and left another note reading:

Dearest Godzilla,


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  1. Typically, our tooth fairy does a gold coin exchange, based on whatever denomination of gold coin said fairy has in her possession. Notes are not provided, no reason for the lack of comms other than can’t-be-arsed. On the rare occasion a larger sum of money has been provided, this due to the manner by which said tooth was extracted. One was half detached and giving the lad a great deal of pain and subsequent distress so, due to the amount of pain and the fact we were leaving the following day for a week’s beach holiday, it was decided to remove it for him. This required one person to pin him down in a headlock, and another to rip it out with a wash cloth for grip. That experience earned us death stares for the rest of the day and him $10.

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