Can't Get By Without My Mayhem Managers AND a Bonus

So … this morning, my Littlest One started kinder. My Biggest One started high school yesterday.

This, for this family, means three children at three different places at varying times throughout the week. The Grumpy One (my dearly beloved) returns to his “school” next week, adding an extra layer of chaos.

I realise there are plenty of families out there with more family members to throw chaos into their day and whom manage rather well.

I also know there are plenty of mums out there with the same number of children, or fewer, as I, who are struggling to keep the mayhem at bay.

Personally, loss of “control” of the mayhem is what tips me over the edge into that deep pit of depressive despair; I hate being late, forgetting things, letting people down and not doing what I said I would.

Thus, as I wallowed in a horrible Depression that saw me wanting to slit my wrists every time I forgot an appointment or had to race up to school with a train ticket for an excursion that had been in my diary for a month, I created what I refer to as my “Mayhem Managers”.

Designed with the real mum and the real family in mind; because, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but kids (and adults) have this horrible tendency to do stuff that’s not in the books and throw your mayhem into chaos. I like to call this ‘reality’.

Anyhoo, I have these sets. They’re called Real Mums Mayhem Managers. I can’t live without them, so figured I’d share them with the rest of the world or, more specifically, those who felt a little like I do.

You can get the digital version at the Real Mums Shop, or by visiting

There are lots and lots of managers in each set, that cover just about ever aspect of your life.

Like where the hell everyone is each week:

Or what the hell is going on each month:

Or what you’ll be eating so you don’t have to think about it ever again:

And how to make sure the kids (and you) get out the door without forgetting something, and ensuring the cat gets fed:

All in convenient, easy to purchase and download sets for something stupid like $9.97 for a whole set.

And the

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