Can't get good help these days …

Last night, tramatised after my serious injury, I shuffle the kids off to bed and go in to kiss them goodnight.

“Mum,” says Monkey Boy. “I left a thing on your desk to photocopy for me.”

Awww, isn’t he sweet.

I’m not sure if the following occurred because he just has to add the most explicit detail to everything he says, as most kids his age do, or if it’s because he thinks I”m a complete moron and he really did mean the “you’re the worst mother in the world” that he has mentioned on more than one occasion …

“You’ll need to remove the sticky note I put on the page first, ok? Before you copy it. Take the note off first. Ok?”

Find it on my desk this morning. A sticky note with “Photocopy this Page

What? And no “please”?

I think it’ll just have to wait …

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