Carelessness of the worst kind & RIP Ponyo

Ponyo has finally succumbed to whichever higher being was calling him towards the light to welcome him to fishy heaven.

Or he just eventually died. Whichever sits better with you.

He may very well have done so overnight, but I was rather busy this morning what with Grumpy having to leave disgustingly early for his first day of work and children continuing to do that thing where they sleep in because it’s a school morning.

Pumpkin the Shebunkin almost sufferred the same fate when Godzilla scooped Ponyo up with a soup spoon, catching Pumpkin on the way. (Mr Moo, the zebra fish escaped all such trauma).

Pumpkin also hasn’t been looking too crash hot for a few days, interspersed with moments of spritely fishiness. Or is that fishy spriteliness?

2 Replies to “Carelessness of the worst kind & RIP Ponyo”

  1. The decomposition of my week-old, dead goldfish has now gotten to the stage of grossness where I can no longer deal with it. So I have to either wait until my husband comes back on Friday (he’s in Melbourne for work) or bribe my fourteen year-old daughter to do the dirty work.

    I will spare you by not taking a photo. You’re welcome.

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