Our Phamily Voliday

Our Phamily Voliday

“How did you go?” is the question I’ve been most asked since I completed my far-too-short stint, volunteering at the orphanage and charity school in Nha Trang. Actually, it was more of a “how did

It's all business, baby!

I’ve been awaiting this for quite a few months now … so was pretty excited when it turned up in my post box this morning. Sadly, even then I had to wait a little longer, cos although I’d managed to get out of the house reasonably well and get to…

Craftily Creative

It all began relatively well. Hubby was heading off to work at just the right time and was able to do the school drop off along the way. Nice. Chippie remained home with me, as he wasn’t required at his educational facility till later in the morning, but had otherwise…