Cavalia: All work and not just for horsey types

Last night was another amazing experience I was ever so lucky to be invited along to.

It also offered Grumpy Pants and I the rather rare and elusive Night Out Together Without Kids – some call this a Date Night. We call it a freaking miracle!

Yes, we had extra special VIP tickets to Cavalia. Not just any VIP tickets, either, but Social Media tickets, which meant we were allowed to take photos and video of the night and share them on our social media networks.

As those who are friends with me on Facebook and whom follow me on Twitter and Instagram know. Sorry about that. No, really, I’m not 😀

We arrived at the White Big Top at Docklands,where it was cold and wet and I wondered why I bothered making vague attempts at doing something with my hair.

Cavalia - Docklands Melbourne

The near-drowning courtesy of Melbourne weather was quickly forgotten via the appearance of bubbles and some incredibly delicious food. You know how important food is too me. Not just any food, mind, but really, really nice food 🙂

Cavalia VIP Food :)

Then on into the White Big Top to find our seats and experience the show.

I have a love hate relationship with horses. As a tweenager, like just about every other tweenage girl I have met, I

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