Celebrity Chefs and the Problem with Dieticians

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Cos I’m frigging furious (although, if I stop and think about it, I still have no idea why this makes me so angry, but it does. Passionately so. Possibly because I Give A Fuck about my community and the people I live with and around, as opposed to just making money out of sprouting some bullshit.)

Oh, and before I carry on, my pants are also my Could Contain Many Swears Cranky Pants.

Have I mentioned how angry I am?

Celebrity Chefs

You see, some ‘celebrity’ of the ‘chef’ variety, whom I refuse to name or link to, because I don’t want to inadvertently send the misinformation to someone who reads it, thinks it’s right and follows it – I have morals and ethics and don’t want to inadvertently put the life of anyone else in danger … anyhoo, some celebrity chef has up and not only vehemently promoted the Paleo diet as being THE thing that will set this country right, but has also vehemently and dangerously (in my opinion) slandered the work of the Heart Foundation and various others.

You know the Paleo Diet, right? The one that cavemen used to follow some lots of millions of years ago, which is why they had no issue with obesity or anything.

It couldn’t possibly have been their environment, levels of activity, way of living or anything else like that that may have contributed to their weight.

I don’t mean to bag it entirely; the concept behind it is not all bad. It is essentially getting back to the basics of lean meats, lots of vegies … a good mix of proteins, carbs and fats.

It includes such recipes as Fried Fish Sticks, casseroles and both Banana Choc Chip Pancakes and Choc Raspberry Hamantaschen.

I’m fairly sure the cavemen had access to this kind of vocabulary, along with the ingredients to make such things. Ingredients like frozen raspberries and tinned coconut milk.

It’s the tinned stuff that I love … given the history of evolution and all, with the Bronze Age happening some 5300 or more years ago (3300 BC) and the Iron happening roughly 200 years after that, and still well over 4000 years ago, and no real reference to a Tin Age. Although, given the way a vast majority of our current population eat, I’m fairly confident we could refer to this current age as the tin age.

Casserole dishes were just lying around, next to the freezers (for storing your frozen berries) and I don’t even know what Hamantaschen is, back in the good old caveman days of 30,000 BC.

I’m being narky now. Sorry. It’s the sand in my vagina making me cranky.

Oh, and the fact that celebrity chefs are using their status to promote really, really unhealthy ideals which is essentially Yet Another Fad that will soon make way for something else just as bad. I also really abhor the discreditation of organisations such as the Heart Foundation, and of dieticians in general.

To be fair, it’s really only one chef. There are others that are doing awesome things, like Jamie Oliver and his food revolution. He’s a good bloke. My only issue with him is he is still catering to those who have a vague idea of how to cook, not those who are relatively clueless – and it’s all about the food. But still, AWESOMENESS!

Also, again, the

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