Cheezel Cake Mark II

Whipped up my extra special Mud Cake yesterday whilst the kids were at school, and Chippie screamed on and off between his total of 43 minutes sleep over two sessions.

And went shopping for lolly bag stuff, with the aid of Grumpy Pants. Why, oh why do I put myself through so much stress? Why I don’t say “You go over there and order me a latte, skinny, whilst I do the shopping and I’ll meet you when I’m done> No, don’t worry how long I’ll be, you just keep drinking coffees till I’m done” I have no idea. But I don’t, and I didn’t and had a highly stressful shopping trip just to buy orange jelly chrystals and some highly sugared treats to be distributed to children who aren’t mine.

I’d much prefer to go shopping with a three year old.

Anyway, the cake made – perfect, and now to make it Cheezel-like, and acceptable to now 6year old, before his party in two hours time. I successfully managed to simulate Cheezel colour – not an easy job, and done quite by accident, simply by making a butter icing, pouring a significant amount of yellow col9ouring into it, asking the Grumpy one if I should add a bit of Pillar Box Red only to find that all I had left was Rose Pink, enquiring of the Chef again, to be given the advice that “I’m not a pastry chef” (argh!) adding some Rose Pink, saying “oh fuck, I fucked that up – that’s made it even less Cheezel colour than before”, adding a good dose more yellow and saying “voila, how cool is that? I made Cheezel colour!”

Iced cake, sprinkled orange jelly chrystals over it, for “Cheezely” effect, yelled at kids to stop licking cake board, benches and floors for stray orange jelly chrystals, whipped up a salad and packed the car for two consecutive birthday parties. Friends, followed immediately by family.

All good in theory, except that 6 hours of birthday party for a 6 year old can take its toll on the entire family.

And despite all my goodness in creating a Cheezel cake that looked more Cheezel than donut, I was still not afforeded the luxury of having a nice, long, hot, relaxing bath on my own.

How else am I supposed to remove Cheezel colour from my fingers, hair and cleavage (dont’ ask)?
Cheezel cake 2

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