Children's Birthday Cakes and an Epiphany

Chippie had his two parties yesterday, afternoon and evening.

The first, an “afternoon tea”, which really sounds more flash than it actually was. Basically, it was a bunch of 2 and 3 year old boys, invited to a playground near a train station and fed chips and cake. During afternoon tea time, so as there was no expectation of a properly prepared lunch or anything like that. Also, there was wine. As it was easier to chill than it was to boil water for coffee.

(So we’re clear, the wine was for the adults … or, more specifically, me)

I spent the morning making the cakes; the cupcakes for afternoon tea, and the “proper cake” for the family get together that evening.

Godzilla inisisted he “help” make the cupcakes, which he decided needed to be orange, not blue, which annoyed me at first, but, for some unfathomable reason, I had just enough blue icing for the cake cake which has never happened before. I am usually left with enough icing to ice the fridge, inside and out. Not today however, and I was required to make another batch. Orange it was.

Godzilla also managed to redecorate the kitchen with orange icing whilst he was “helping” me.

Later on, Chippie licked all the icing off several cupcakes. Thankfully, there were plenty of other toddlers and per-schoolers in attendance that at least one of them consumed the no-icing versions, so all was well in the world.

I wasn’t overly happy with the cake cake, but at the same time … well, that’s when I had my epiphany …

You see, I LOVE making cakes. Which is why I had children. That and so I had an excuse to drink lots of wine. I’m not great at it, and don’t pretend to be. Once or twice, but not much more than that, I’ve had others say I should go into business. Um, no. Because, I’m not that great. I just enjoy it. And all my cakes look, most definitely, like they’re a home job.

(Let’s also be clear, I’m MORE than happy to make your kids a birthday cake if you want me to. I’ll even take money from you, if you insist. I LOVE making them, and would love to help you out if you need. It’s good for my brain. I’m just not great at it.)

Although each of my kids birthdays people look forward to what I’ve created this time, there is no expectation – on myself – to “better” the previous effort. I create what I want as a new entity. Except, possibly for the first couple of years of Monkey Boy’s birthdays, where everything was train related. It wasn’t that I had to go one step further each year. It’s just I learnt how to do stuff. Or, rather, how not to do stuff 🙂

No expectation … I loved that realisation.

And, really, if anyone else had or has any expectations that I’d improve on the last effort, or … wait, actually use a different recipe than the one I shared with my First Time Mother’s Group ten years ago … then I don’t know about it. Nor do I care.

His cake was done. I’m not overly happy, as I felt my blue was a bit washed out. But I was ok with it.

As for the cupcakes, Godzilla decoreated half, and I did the other half.

Love that I Just. Don’t. Care. that they didn’t look elaborate or fancy or had everyone going “ooh, aren’t they gorgeous”.

Besides, as mentioned earlier, the icing got licked off some. That was after another guest had gone around and pulled the jelly beans off them.



5 Replies to “Children's Birthday Cakes and an Epiphany”

  1. LOL

    GIve me some glitter glue and craft paper and I’d rather stab myself in the head with a pair of safety scissors … just saying.

    I think we each have our thing. Besides, with mud cake, you get to drink Kaluha at 9.38 am as you’re making the cake … and you get to eat it once you’re done.

    You can’t do that with home made fairy wings 😀

    (Not suggesting you actually like craft either … just trying to come up with an analogy :D)

  2. Love it! I’m SO looking forward to making cakes for my kids (technically there is only one child in existence at this point… but I have high hopes for more in the future)! 🙂

    I’m armed with my mothers sponge cake recipe and the undeniable fact that I surpassed her baking skills at age 11… just saying.

    I’ve always loved making cakes! Demonstrated by the piano and artists palate I made for my 16th birthday!

    Like yours, they’re definitely home made and I’m not going into the cake making business this side of 2199… but it’s so awesome when you can consume your craft!!! All that hard work turns into a delectable delight! 🙂

  3. Cake looks awesome 🙂

    I realised if the kids helped decorate the cakes it took heaps of pressure off me to make the ‘perfect cake’ as I could simply say that I’d let the kids do it and blame everything on them 😀

  4. Marita – EXACTLY!

    (Also, I … ahem, … know of a mum who decorated the cake herself and, um, maybe just outright stated that the kids did it … just saying … :D)

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