Chocolate and Dinner with the girls

With mounds of chocolate in the house – still – thanks to Christmas, the daily requests for some do not appear to be relenting.

With the amount of work I have on at the moment, Grumpy is spending a bit more time with the kids.

So when Godzilla approached me, again, to ask for some chocolate, I made sure to say “no” really really loudly, so that when he asked his Dad, his Dad would know the correct answer to give.

Sure enough, Godzilla asked the same question of his other parent. I heard some mumbling.

Then Godzilla came into my office. “Excuse me Mummy” (yes, he can be really polite when he really wants something) “can you please smack me on the bum so I can have a chocolate?”

What the …?

Apparently, he was told that no, he couldn’t have a chocolate, but that bum smacks were going around and he was more than welcome to have one of those.

His three year old logic assumed otherwise, and deducted that he could, in fact, have a chocolate, but only if he got the bum smacking first.

So he came and asked for one.

Very politely.

To the point of refusing a “oh, you are so cute!” hug, pushing me away, pulling his pants down and begging for a smack on the bum.

How could I refuse?

So I gave him a chocolate anyway. Not bad payment for the laugh I had been given.

Anyhoo, off to dinner tonight with the girls from mothers group.

So I don’t have to deal with the chocolate induced behaviour and subsequent tantrums that will inevitably occur.

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