Choosing a High School

The last few weeks have been a smidge stressful.

I have had LOADS going on. Nothing major, just lots and lots and lots of minor stuff that has piled up on me. Not least of these was the pressing need to choose a high school for my eleven-year-old.

The “lots and lots” may also be adding to my thoughts about choosing a high school at this time of year. Or, perhaps not. Maybe this stuff is always there?

I did think about it last year, when he was in grade 5, but had lots more on, alongside a rogue teacher who created more unnecessary hell than was warranted. I make no apologies for not devoting 100% of my energies to my children. Besides, I have three, so that would require 300% of energies. There’s also a husband in there, whom I also happen to love immensely, and he requires some of my energies too. As do I, for me.

Whatever. I didn’t do much last year. Cos I didn’t.

I’d totally forgotten that applications or preferences or whatever have to be submitted by mid-May (i.e. last week). I did think it was April, honestly, then when I found out it wasn’t, I breathed a premature sigh of relief. Whoops.

We live in an area that doesn’t have it’s ‘own’ high school. The surrounding suburbs have loads. I lie, a little. Our area does have one. It’s had a bit of a reputation, and became an ESL high school due to demand, not desire. It is slowly coming out of itself and is becoming a great high school. I did check it out. It’s not for Monkey Boy. I’m not saying it’s a ‘bad’ high school. I’m saying it’s not for him.

Grumpy Pants and I took some time to research a few in surrounding areas. About two and a half minutes. We listened to other parents, made a bit of a mental list and determined to check them out. The school we are zoned for is the aforementioned one.

This left us with the option of booking Monkey Boy in to sit some exams. Specifically Select Entry exams, whereby he is selected to attend the school, based on the results of the exam, and spends his high school years with other children who were selected to attend the school on the same merit.

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