Christmas Nuts

I don’t mean to alarm you, but Christmas is … actually, I don’t exactly know. A couple of weeks away?

I know in this house we have our tree up, and we’re thinking about Christmas lunch – and the variety of Christmas related events we’re personally hosting this year. It happens every now and again where it’s “our turn” and that’s okay.

It tends to also be when the Christmas Nuts come out – a bowl of mixed nuts on the table for people to nibble on whilst they’re waiting for the prawn platter, the ham to be carved, or the traditional roast to, um … roast.

They’re not the only kind of nuts that make their appearance at this time of year, either.

I noticed this when I did a vast proportion of my Christmas shopping over the weekend; generally I’m leaving it till much later in the year, and it’s not something I’ve only just become aware of. I see it every year, and it is one of those human behaviour things that utterly fascinates me.

The nutters come out. Or, as the case may be, normal people suddenly become a little nutty.

I understand it. It’s end of year, the temperatures are rising (except in Melbourne where it is completely unpredictable and that, in itself, is frustrating enough) and there is this pressure to do a whole load of shopping, to buy this, to buy that, to be polite to and feed people you have bugger all to do with during the year, to have dysfunctional family members thrust upon you … the list goes on ….

Not only that. Whilst the financial pressure to purchase gifts for all sorts of people is upon us, some bright spark thought it would be a

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