Christmas Present Hiding Spots – or not


*big sigh*

We did the sensible thing this year. That thing we say we’re gonna do every year; buy stuff during the year when it is on sale so we don’t spend a bloody fortune at Christmas on stuff we could have got for half price during the year.

Thereby allowing me to buy more shoes without the guilt. Ok, with less guilt. Slightly less.


Anyhoo, we bought some stuff for Monkey Boy. They were on special and came in largish boxes. Also, we had a rough idea of what Grandpa contribution was gonna be, so thought that could be his present to Monkey Boy. Until we worked out that there’s not much else Monkey Boy wants or needs and I refuse to spend anything on crap and stuff he doesn’t want or need just to fill up the stupidly large Santa Sack that he was given when he was 3 weeks old.

I digress. Again.

The boxes were placed up on a shelf. Not hidden terribly well. And my requests to Grumpy of “please help me move them so he can’t see them” went unheeded. Or ignored. Whichever you prefer.

Monkey Boy saw one of the aforementioned boxes before his birthday and was convinced it was a birthday present.

Upon non-receipt of said box, he queried it. I was forced to lie. Well, actually, I like lying to my kids. It’s fun. You can really mess with their heads and they have no idea whether to believe you or not and you can go for ages and ages and laugh at them.

“Erm. It’s just a box full of daddy’s crap,” I tell him. Although give no rational or logical reason as to why daddy would have, in his possession, a box for a music stand when he doesn’t play any musical instrments, nor require a music stand. Beside the point, really.

“I don’t believe you,” he informs me.

That’s ok. I wouldn’t believe me either.

So he goes into our “clothes pantry” where the boxes are and climbs the shelves for a better look.

The best bit, I like to call it “karma” is that after being told several times not to go in, followed by several renditions of “do not climb up there” and quite a number of “get down nows”, he got stuck.

So we did what any good parents would do, and laughed and laughed and then turned the light off and shut the door.

4 Replies to “Christmas Present Hiding Spots – or not”

  1. Say it’s mine. I technically do have a music stand or two, or three.

    Otherwise, ask your neighbours to hide stuff on your behalf. (That’s what my folks did and I probably will….)

  2. LOL -yup. Done that too.

    I still have a present kickig around in the “Clothes pantry” that was for middlest child a few years back, but forgot it, and felt he’d outgrown in the year after.

    So, there it remains, kicking around until I find someone suitable to give it to 🙂

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