Christmas Traditions Part 4 – the night of the Eve

Friend’s arrive and we tell the kids 867 times that, no, we aren’t opening the Chrismtas presents yet, and that we will at least wait until our guests have made it past the front door before we do.

Drinks poured and we’ve delayed it as much as we possibly can and sit down to the the Christmas Eve present opening tradition.

Dinner had, a walk around the streets to:

a. check out the local Christmas lights;

b. feel better about the gross over consumption of food in general, and high fat, high sugar foods and alcohol in particular, and;

c. hope in vain that the kids will be worn out and actually go to bed sometime before next Tuesday, and definitely before “Santa” arrives.

It’s back home and I make the suggestion to execute another of our Christmas Eve traditions with these particular friends.

That is, the putting together, constructing or connecting whatever item that requires putting togehter, contructing or connecting.

This year, its the Wii we have purchased. But, sadly, neither adult male in attenedance was up for the job, and we finished the evening without our usual women sitting back and making comments like “Why don’t you look at the instruction manual?” and the men fervently denying the need to stoop to such levels and assuring us they were under control, followed by the womenfolk wetting their pants laughing, shaking their heads and finally having enough and saying “Just bloody hurry up will you, it’s almost Easter!”

Friends depart, biscuits and milk put out for Santa, carrots and water for the reindeer, kids to bed, stocking stuffing done, shaking of heads about how much the kids are getting again this year, and off to bed we go …

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