You can always tell it’s doing to be a great day when it starts off with Light Sabre fights in the kitchen while you’re trying to whip up school and day care lunches.

Sure, it’s only Vegemite sandwiches; easy, you say. Just not while you’re waving a knife around screaming about good vases, necks and breakages and wondering what happened to the wrapping paper you was sure existed only moments before, wrapped around the cardboard rolls now being waved perilously close to your face.

Even more fun when the cardboard roll is being wielded by someone approximately 3 foot hight, and his weapon is easly two and half times that length.

Into the car we bundle for

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  1. Thank you! I needed a good laugh… Oh, for more nasty Imaginary Friends! Much safer than real ones… Or maybe Fluffy the Cloud would be best?

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