I Have Clean Carpets. It’s Like Magic.

I had the good pleasure of inviting the lovely folk form Wizard Cleaning into my home this morning.

After weeks of my being extremely tardy, and they being most gracious and understanding, I was eventually able to coordinate a time and day, where it all went to plan. So that was nice.

It also afforded me the same number of weeks in which to ensure the removal of all manner of child-related paraphernalia to be lifted from the carpeted areas, which were to be cleaned, and have them put away.

Ah, well, half the job was done. Essentially, 4.3 weeks of repeatedly asking for items such as LEGO, LEGO, dinosaurs, LEGO, dinosaurs, and bits of charger cable that the cat had chewed through to be picked up and put away saw them picked up. But not put away. Just dumped into another, non-carpeted area of the house.

This left such things as dropped dinner, cat spew, and near on two years of dust (we lived in the midst of a building site for 3/4 of this time, where behind us houses were going up, and in front of us, there was a wetlands in the process of being developed … so it was a dirtlands for a majority of the dry months) and two minute noodles.

A good steam cleaning was well overdue, so when Wizard Contacted me and offered their services, I just knew they were going to do a better job than the half-arsed 12 year old, who sprinkled carpet cleaner on stuff and halfheartedly vaccuumed it off three days later, and the 15 year old, who did the carpet cleaner stuff and promptly forgot (or “forgot”) about it.

I was met with friendly faces, and efficiency, even though I was unsure as to what their reaction to stairs might be. Whenever we’ve had deliveries of things, the stairs are viewed as The Forbidden

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