Clothing Review: World Industries Boys Stuff (& a giveaway)

I have boys. Three of them.

They’re not really into skating and skateboards and stuff, but they do other stuff that has me shaking my head in wonder at how they got that particular rip in that particular pair of pants … I’ve stopped asking, because the answers usually leave me shaking my head more and my neck is starting to twitch and spasm as a result.

One – the eldest one – does parkour, at a venue that is basically concrete and steel. He also does it on our furniture, and pretty much everywhere else. If the environment provide an obvious platform for parkour, he will find it anyway. If he can’t find it, he will create one.

He just does.

World Industries - panther tee and tonal print shorts
World Industries – Panther Tee & Tonal Print Shorts


The middlest child plays basketball and will try anything to improve his game.

Also he is a boy, and between these two, with the influence of their younger brother, well … let’s just say things can get a little crazy.

World Industries - Water Skull Tee & Streetwalker Grey Walk Shorts
World Industries – Water Skull Tee & Streetwalker Grey Walk Shorts

After a couple of weeks of wearing and (not) tearing, my verdict:

The quality is good. They’re not cheap in terms of quality nor in terms of cost, but they’re also not terribly expensive.

Affordable also from the perspective of their durability and resistance to boys and concrete.

I like the designs, they’re easy to wash.

I like that they can be worn for rough activities (like the skating that they’re designed for) but also look good and can be worn out to things like dinner at nice places and important family gatherings.

Which the kids then go to and climb all over stuff and jump off things so … we’re kind of in a win-win situation; I say “put on something nice” and fear they will ruin it. They’ll usually opt for daggy trackies or shorts, but now they have something nice to wear.


Also, the kids like that they can put them on, know they can wear them whilst being their usual selves and not have me nagging at them about a) putting on some nice shorts or b) getting off stuff/out of stuff/down from stuff before they ruin what they’re wearing.

So far, they’ve washed up well – even after climbing historic stream trains, and I haven’t had to iron anything. In reality, I probably wouldn’t iron them even if they needed it, anyway.

I also like the quote that comes on most of the clothing:

2 Replies to “Clothing Review: World Industries Boys Stuff (& a giveaway)”

  1. World Industries clothing would be great for my Marcus. He has successfully managed to rip a hole in every pair of pants he owns. My theory is if he had a pair of shorts he could rip a hole in his knee instead and that would save me money and time as apparently the body will repair the hole itself and does not require me to attempt to sew him shut. (plus he thinks world industries is the coolest!)

  2. I have 3 boys and one girl. It’s funny how Lulah gets soooo may hand me down clothes from our girlfriends, but the boys have barely grown out of theirs and they are in tatters! My oldest, a boy has been the adveturous one in regards to climbing, flips, skateboards and hard style dancing. My youngest is 6 and finds ways to fit into cupboards and jump out to scare us, play superheroes…in fact he’s the one who thinks more about HOW he can fly – assuring us it IS possible!
    But my 9 yo, he is the one who would give Houdini or Constantino a run for their money! Autistic and determined, he will be regularly be climbing fences to get to the neighbours pool, prying small windows open to squeeze out! I swear he’s made of water somedays, the way he can pour himself through impossibly small spaces!
    So yeah, these guys have grow used to tears in the knees of their jeans, t-shirts snagging on trees or hooks, clothes that become their favourites because they know they can keep wearing them whilst making cubby houses and mud puddles!

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