Mad Cow Cooks – Coffee Pannacotta

Due to the overwhelming absolutely no one asking for the recipe for “my” coffee pannacotta, despite lots of people saying “wow, that sounds amazing”, I’m so proud of my efforts that I wanna show them off.

Also, because I’m into scrumptious food that requires a “can’t be arsed” attitude, I was overwhelmingly delighted that this Appears To Be Difficult and Requires Knowledge And Expereince Of A Professonal Dessert Chef fits very well with my Can’t Be Arsed Recipe Ideas attitude.

My favouritest dessert of all – pannacotta, any flavour – is EASY!

So easy, in fact, that I even have all the ingredients in my house already. Except for cream, which is easy to get your hands on, even when you forgot and have to race up the road in your slippers before the shop/milk bar/7-eleven shuts.

Did I mention proud of my efforts? So, yeah, I just wanna show off what I’ did 🙂

(Also, I had a seriously confused guest last night when I went to surprise them with my latest attempts and instead of giving them dessert, I took photos of it instead.)

Here, look:

10 Replies to “Mad Cow Cooks – Coffee Pannacotta”

  1. Ooh yum!
    For some reason I had spanakopita in my head instead of pannacotta, and let’s just say I was worrying for the state of your palate for a moment 😉

    Looks like it would also be just a little bit of awesome with a dash of kahlua in the milk!

  2. LOL Christie!

    Also, there would have been some kahlua in the milk had … ahem … there actually been any kahlua in the house!

    The thought did cross my mind 🙂

  3. Yummo.. so glad nobody asked for the recipe 🙂 Looks delish and am going to try it out v soon. Thanks for sharing! I agree Emma, JAFFA sounds so good!

  4. I plan to make a jafa flav’d panna cotta for a dinner party on the weekend. I am just not sure of how much cocoa and orange essence to add????
    Ive made white choc and an esspresso one, both yum.

  5. I have no idea either, Krystal – LOL

    But they sound yum. Let me know how you go.

    I’d reckon – going by the recipe posted, the same amount of cocoa as I put in coffee, and just a drop or two of orange essence.

    But I may also very well be talking out my arse 😀

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