Cold sores and caterpillars

Have awoken with a coldsore.

I haven’t had one of these for years. I can usually eliminate them with a decent, afternoon nap.

As Grumpy is home, I do as much work on the computer as possible, and will deal with party stuff for tomorrow this evening.

Crash at around 11.45am, as can’t keep eyes open any longer. And hopefully cold sore will go.

No such luck. Its there when I awake and Grumpy goes off to work. Feed and bath kids and set them up in front of a movie whilst I make icing and set about turning 34 cupcakes into a caterpillar.

Godzilla insisted on helping, telling me which colours should go on which part of the caterpillar and bouncing around the table, which, at this point, was covered with cupcakes, opened bags of lollies

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