A Collection of Family Togetherness

It all started with an email late on Friday morning, advising that there was an extremely well organised event for the local scouts troupe coming up; their contribution to Clean Up Australia Day.

As Middlest Child had something organised in the afternoon (more on that later) and the Littlest and the Biggest are both involved in said scouting troupe, it gave us something to do without having to think too much.

Also, I was occupied all morning telling the Biggest he had to go.

So we got there at one minute past 9.00a.m. only to have to wait around till everyone else got there for a start of “9.00a.m.”

Eventually some level of coordination was acheived and I made the decision to accompany the 7-year-olds. Normally, I avoid collections of children of this age, but as we were on foot, and it was hot, I – correctly – assumed we’d be done quicker.

Not because we’d be faster at picking up the rubbish as we went. Indeed not. That’s just crazy to even consider that to ever be an option.

Quite expectedly, it was more of a slow amble, where we stopped to discuss every piece of rubbish picked up, and where only one thing at a time, regardless of its size, could be collected. Down to the teensiest piece of glass, or miniscule corner of a newspaper.

One tiny polystyrene ball, anyone?

Do you have any idea how much can be said about one of these little nuggets?

Me either. I think the scream I silently screamed drowned out the polystyrene ball rhetoric.

And after almost an hour, they were tired, and because they were seven, we could legitimately call it a day.

So we did.

Then went home after first assessing some of the more unusual of the finds, which was sadly disappointing, really.

The winner was a whole parsnip, which Chippie insisted on keeping as either a pet, or to cook and eat.

Yeah … nah …

We had enough time to stuff down lunch before heading off to our usual swimming lessons venue, where Godzilla, the Middlest One, was embarking upon a 3 kilometre swim challenge.

Two plus hours were set aside for the family to go along and provide him with support.

In order to rev the participating children up, the venue had some rather dancey music happening. Loud.


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