Communication Breakdown

An early morning – basketball – and a cold early morning at that.

I arise, do much “come on, hurry, hurry, we have to go” as the venue was, again, the furtherest one away. Approximately three day’s drive. Chippie awoke and got up and screamed at me to come at a moment that feel right in the middle of Having Time To Get Him Sorted and No Time To Get Him Sorted. Sadly, early enough that I didn’t have the No Time excuse. Nor the patience to deal with kicking a small child from my leg as I was running out the door.

Dressed him, toasted him – by which i mean, made a sandwich, told him it was toast, stuffed it in a lunchbox and shoved it at him in the car.

It was a crazy morning.

Which then require dragging two smallest out of house to get vegies for dinner, and fruit because they eat it all, a walk to collect a friend for a play, accompanying the oldest to get a birthday present for yet another friend (how many friend’s do these kids need!?) and determining the best way to wrangle the chaos that is Saturday evenings, alone with three children.

There was half an hour of peace in there, between me returning home from present purchasing to Grumpy leaving for work. And leaving me. Alone.

I thought I’d sit for a moment.

Chippie decided he’d prefer to use this time to do that horrible, horrible monotonous whining noise that toddlers like to do when they’r enot actually crying, but want to piss you off.

“eureureureureureuereurgh” he said.

Then “Eureureureureureureureureureureureureurgh,” he continued.

Followed by “eureureureureureuereurgheureureureureureuereurgheureureureureureuereurgheureureureureureuereurgheureureureureureuereurgheureureureureureuereurgheureureureureureuereurgh”

It really does my head in. I carried him up to our bedroom, handed him to Grumpy and said “If he doesn’t fucking shut up soon, I’m going to defenestrate him!”

“Defenestrate?” asked Grumpy. “What does that mean?”


Clearly some communication breakdown at some point; it’s one of my favourite words.

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