Competition for Sydney peeps – IMAX Darling Harbour

So … the school hols are coming up in what, a week now?

Sorry – just thought some of you may have realised. Reality is, I’m guessing, a few of you went “FUCK! Next week?!” and ran around in some kind of mental panic, checked your wine stash, made sure it contained some vodka – enough vodka – and jumped online to order some more,

So, just to save you some brain space in trying to work out yet another thing to keep your offspring entertained, cos we all know you’re in for two weeks of “I’m bored” followed by the inevitable – and seemingly just because they can – “I don’t want to do that, that’s boring” response to everything you suffest, I have been give 5 family passes to see

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  1. Hi there;
    I am a sahm with 3 young kids, one of which has Aspergers. He is the eldest and as he is easily bored he advises the world very loudly of his thoughts at various times. Of course the other two follow his lead to advise of their boredom also, a very annoying habit they all have.
    We went on a south pacific cruise a few years ago and child no. 1 managed to advise me he was bored on a daily basis. That is pretty impressive with a huge aray of entertainment available on a cruise ship with kids club. Of course, it wasn’t unusual for him, but ON A CRUISE SHIP!!!! I didn’t think anybody could be bored there.
    A trip to the Imax sounds like bliss for us, althought I know I am quite late entering the competition. I figured that even if I was too late, at least you would know you are far from the only mum suffering from School Holidayitis. My anxiety levels are increasing at the thought of the holidays being only 1 week away.

  2. Fuck school holidays?!!!! Bastards snuck up on me.
    My kids will tell me they’re bored while in the middle of an ‘entertaining’ activity. Usually one that I’ve paid around twenty bucks a head for. O_o

  3. I’d love to win my boys turn 5 Friday and it is on top of the list for things we must do !
    My kids are bored when I won’t let them use the food colouring to make sand pies at the sandpie cafe – sand pies are boring when they aren’t red or green or hot pink.
    We caught them rolling it out under the gap of the door to garage to the other kid outside.
    We live in Sydney we wouldn’t miss it.

  4. I wasn’t going to take the boys to see cars 2, but with free tickets, and a GIANT GIANT ENORMOUS screen, I think I could survive the train trip into the city to do it!

    Especially with an 8 yo who REFUSED to go anywhere away last holidays because “it’s too long and boring to get there” nope, a two week camping trip is not worth the one hour drive!

  5. Your email addresses have been forwarded to the gorgeous Jenna who has been coordinating this competition from her end!

    You’ll hear from her soon … have fun! Make sure you pop back and tell me all about it.


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