Birthday party at a farm thing to attend today.

Horserides and lots of animals for a gathering of boys to torment.

Plenty of food, and much needed wine for the Mums.

Sat around chatting and catching up while the kids ran themselves silly.

Picked up lolly bags, remembered I had to vote on the way home (damn, why didn’t I do it early? Oh, that’s right – no time!) discussed certain expected¬†behaviours in exchange for fish & chips for dinner (no Grumpy at home tonight), returned home at one stage to reinforce expected behaviours, retrieved evening meal, dished it up and was sadly disappointed – soggy chips, yuk! – refereed a brawl over what DVD movie was being viewed that evening, sat through some movie I hate (why can’t we watch Toy Story? I like Toy Story. You never watch what I want to watch. It’s not fair!!!) and, finally, negotiated them into bed.

On days like this, I like to rifle through their lolly bags and steal the lollies that I like – usually the ones consisting of chocolate – and leaving them with the yukky ones.

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