School holidays inevitably leave me undertaking far less physical activity than I usually do. And like to do. And this leads me to being very grumpy and agitated and throwing DVDs and yelling a lot.

Oh, wait. No, that’s the kids that cause me to do that.

Anyhoo, am feeling desperate need to a) get out of the house and b) do something that requires a fair amount of activity.

Thankfully, after we eventually returned home yesterday afternoon, Grumpy pulled out Godzilla’s new bike he got for his birthday some months ago and hasn’t yet ridden, and the bike he had got fixed up for Monkey Boy and adjusted seat heights and the like and made them ride around the block a few times and announced “We are going for a big bike ride tomorrow!”

Hurrah. And there was happy dancing all around and much rejoicing.

From me.

And much whinging from the children, but am now convinced they are pre-programmed to do this as I tested it with “And we will eat much ice-cream and chips and chocolate!” and they still whinged. Then actually realised what I said and said “Hurrah!”

And there was some half hearted crying from toddler, and some seal-barking and streams of snot eminating from teensy nostrils. Am always amazed at amount of snot those little sinuses can contain.

Oh, yeah. The toddler with croup.

Hrm. This could perhaps put a dampener in a day trip and long bike ride. Especially given the near freezing temperatures.

I am conflicted.

My body is screaming to get outside and do something. Anything!

And the Voice In My Head is sayign “What kind of mother are you? Your child is sick! He needs to be at home and rested and kept warm and cuddled!”

Which is all well and good for the Voice In My Head to be saying that, as it is not the one who gets smashed in the face with a train when she tries to cuddle a toddler who is not so keen on the idea.


However, I reason, the toddler is probably far less like to become worse if I do actually get out than the consequences of me being stuck in this house again for another full day. Cabin Fever is reaching … um, fever pitch.

So off we head to

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