I wrote a few weeks back about feeling Sad.

Part of that feeling, or, rather, contributing to that feeling is something I’m really struggling with. Something that is making me feel really, really uncomfortable. It’s confronting.

Not Depression. Although it’s that, too.


It’s the feeling of being loved. Important. Useful.

I don’t like the feeling and it makes me uncomfortable. It’s really, really difficult for me to accept.

For someone who not only spent their whole life believing they were unloveable, worthless, unimportant, useless, nothing but being told that by those that were supposed to love and protect them, to be told that they are

7 Replies to “Confronted”

  1. The only way you’ll change and start believing yourself is if you keep confronting yourself and pushing out of your comfort zone. I understand you know these things but a reminder that you’re doing the right thing is always good.

  2. I truly get this and was just discussing this the other day with a friend. We were discussing how we don’t tend to buy ourselves things without justifying it. If our children or husbands need something there is not so much thought put into the purchase, because… Well I guess because they are not me/us and they are worthy.

  3. Ah, if only you could see yourself the way hundreds — nay, thousands!! — of others do…

    I agree with Marita. And I add, “You ARE amazing.”

  4. SIX WEEKS and then I can wrap you in a massive hug and regularly pester you with telling you how awesome and loved you are. So NER 😀

  5. Wow, Amanda, you make such a difference to so many people. You are loved and of value and mean so much to so many. You saved me at one of my lowest points in my life, don’t you ever forget that. You deserve every little and big good thing that you get and more.

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