Confucious Say

Monkey Boy has decided that he wants to call the baby “Confucious”.

This, of course, is totally against Godzilla’s preference of “Chippie”, the current pet name for the baby. Convincing him that the baby will, of course, have a “real” name upon its arrival on the planet is just not an option.

So, Monkey Boy declared that the baby will be called “Confucious”.

Which set the Grumpy one off onto a tangent, trying to think of Confucious sayings. Unlike him, really. But he was insisting he knew a really good saying, very profound, but couldn’t remember it.

So he thought …

.. and he thought …

… and he thought …

And, light bulb went off, “I have it!” he declared. “It’s a really good one.”

Man who put stiffy in box not necessarily an undertaker

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