Confusing Parental Position

I received a phone call earlier this week regarding Monkey Boy’s performance at school.

One which not only surprised me , but also several of his teachers.

Work not handed in. Admittedly, for a subject he doesn’t like, but you know, shit happens and there is always stuff in your life that you don’t like, and sometimes you just have to suck it up, not be an arse to others involved and deal with it.

You know, like when you have a pre-teen who has just refused to do a piece of work because he was talking in class and his teacher told him off. Stuff like that that I don’t like to have to deal with either. Things like that will always be in your life.

Strategies were discussed with the teacher and, although I didn’t want to cos I hate doing it and it bores and frustrates me, I had discussions with the pre-teen and he got the work done and handed in, but not the apology to the teacher.

We’re working on that bit.

Still frustrated and with a headache some days later, Grumpy Pants came home with some good news, so we opted for dinner out to celebrate.

Off to our favourite Japanese restaurant, where we planned to order what we do every time we go.

The aforementioned twelve-year-old loves Japanese; the food and his class at school.

So much so that he insisted I give him my pen and he write our order on his napkin.

And he did:

Not only did he do it, but the waitress expressed great surprise at the accuracy of it and copied it down onto the notepad in her little hands!

She was suitably impressed.

As were we when our order arrived and it was exactly as we desired!

Whilst I am most impressed that he has clearly learnt something (a LOT!) in his Japanese classes this year (given he has never done Japanese before this year) I’m not sure this counters the fact that he was a complete arse in another class and appears to have learnt bugger all.

Also, I can’t decide whether to still be annoyed and frustrated with him, or proud.

Maybe I’ll just be both, and have another glass of wine.


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