Conversations with Depression: Making a Difference

Trigger warning. If you are concerned about self harming, suicide, your own safety or that of someone else

4 Replies to “Conversations with Depression: Making a Difference”

  1. Oh fuck me Amanda. Your posts about depression have helped me no end since I first got PND and struggled on and off with the bullshit thoughts that Depression brings up. Your honesty about it has helped.
    And that voice was right. I’m sorry it didn’t speak to your friend. Or if it did, not loud enough to be heard. I too know those discussions with depression and they aren’t fun.

    Just once again, thank you for sharing and sorry for your loss.

  2. As the Bloggess says – Depression Lies!

    Thank goodness for the little voice. And you are making a difference, every day, in the lives of the people who love you and surround you. In the lives of those people who read but never comment.

    Sorry for the loss of your friend too. I wish his little voice had been louder.

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