Couldn't have put it better myself

Godzilla has been learning some new words at kinder.

“Poo poo bum bum head” is a particular favourite.

And, oh so funny. The funniest thing that has ever been uttered. Apparently.

Of course, he’s also been learning his letters, which he continued as I was working away this morning.

And while Grumpy was on one of his patented rants about something needing doing.

Or rather, something he wanted done that no-one else could see the urgency in.

“Come and pick your shoes up. Put your clothes away. Put your dirty pyjamas in the washing basket. Why are your shoes still here? Who put the¬†teddy in the freezer? Put your shoes away. PUT YOUR SHOES AWAY. Friggin, who left the friggin Lego on friggin the floor….”

Having been distracted with nonsense talk about shoes and putting things away, Godzilla very calmly turned to him and said “Shut up, you friggin’ idiot.”

Unfortunatley, he was also sitting between me and the way out, so I had to hold in the guffaw and suck my pelvic floor in until I could go and hide in the laundry.

Really, I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

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