Concerned? Or proud?


The children and I received iPods for Christmas. For music.


Mine is designed for this, and not so much games, so there goes that idea … but the kids? I need to keep reminding them. Music!

Besides, Godzilla has been at me for a while about a few songs and artists. Bruno Mars. Tao Cruz. Other people I sing along to in the car but have no idea whom they are. I’m one step away from the stage Grumpy Pants has hit. The “Who is this? What are they singing? I don’t understand?” … I’m awaiting the “You call this music? This isn’t music! In my day … ”

I don’t think he’s far off.

Anyhoo, I promised I’d set him up with a few things and organise some stuff on his iPod (Godzilla, not Grumpy … Grumpy didn’t get one … and don’t get me started on the 3 foot high, 486 square feet of speaker we have in our living area taking up room … complete with original 1980’s turntable …)

“What would you like to put on?” I ask Godzilla.

“Erm. I think I’d like Metallica,” he says (and I do an internal “YAY!”). “And Tao Cruz.”

Erm. Ok. Interesting mix.

I’m not sure if I should be concerned or proud.

I’ll think about it after I add some Pink Floyd, Lady Gaga and Abba to mine …

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