Everyone's a Critic

I try to walk, or do something moderately active most days.

I used to walk the kids to school and home again, but we moved and that put a spanner in that particular works.

When Grumpy Pants is able to, I get him to do the primary school dropoff run and I go for a specific, designated walk down, then back up the nearby BFH (big fucking hill!)

The BFH is a killer that nearly caused me to break a lung when I attempted to ride my bike up it a few weeks back. Thankfully, the bike is old and in desperate need of a service, the gears slipped, the chain came off, I was nearly flung over the handlebars and took a chunk out of my shin where the pedal flicked back and hit me.

Yesterday I was able to do the BFH walk.

This morning, I wanted to but it was terribly rainy and I might have got cold and wet.

Instead, I figured I’d work on the yoga routine I had established for myself, months ago, on the Wii.

Monkey Boy was arsing about instead of getting organised for school, so I got him to set it up for me then told them all to bugger off and do something useful.

“Hello, Rob,” said the Wii, because it’ thinks it’s so frigging funny and can’t remember my name because it’s been soooooo long since I’ve been on it.

In fact, or so it tells me, it’s been 288 days since I last visited my Wii Fit training program.

Well, isn’t just everyone a critic?!

I told it to shut up and got on with my program.

“How did you find it after 288 days?” it enquired of me.

At which point I found myself arguing with the TV, explaining to it that just because I hadn’t done my Wii program, not even five minutes each day

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  1. Our smartarsed Wii asks the husband where I’ve been and how am I looking?
    Looking for somewhere to stuff his stupid avatar head, that’s what.

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