Cup Day Dress Code

It’s Cup Day!

And, as we have children and babysitters cost a fortune on the days you reallywant to go out, we chose, instead, to go to the Cup Day bar-b-que we were invited too.

The invite had a dress code – wear a dress and a hat.


Couldn’t find a suitable dress. Well, I could but it required ironing. Right after it required dusting off and the cobwebs removed.

So settled on a nice top and pants. And my hot pink hat.

Grumpy Pants wore his daggy shorts and a daggy shirt. No dress and no hat.

(“No, a cap doesn’t count!”)

Monkey Boy blindly grabbed some shorts and a shirt and was sent back to get something that was more closely match.

(“Yes, ok, fine, whatever. But you still look like a dag in those shorts”)

And Godzilla – Drama Queen Extraordinnaire – wore his pyjamas. Not, however, jarmies that suited the weather. Nor ones where the tops and bottoms matched. No. That’s not for him..

Off we went, having to stop several times for petrol, wine and a house-warming present.

Eventually got to the barbie, had

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