Cupcakes and goldfish

Today is the day of Chippie’s actual birthday.

I could go into all manner of gushy blah, about how it was the most awesome experience and how much he has changed our world and [insert any other of the hundred million cliches about childbirth here] but there were cupcake to be baked, iced and eaten.

Also, the usual Monday evening affairs, from the cooking of dinner and music and swimming lessons and trying not to yell at the kids again.

Et cetera …

Despite not wanting to, I had baked some sixty cupcakes last evening.

Today, they required icing, so I popped into the school first thing to confirm the time they were needed. Generally, it is around 3.25p.m. however, today they requested it for 1.25p.m.

Lucky I checked, because I’d have just turned up and been really annoyed that I had 60 cupcakes and the kids were all at assembly!

I not only managed to ice them all without incident, and, for the first time ever, without getting any icing on either of my breasts or pants, shoved the remaining lollies I had leftover from the weekend on top, and delivered them to school, just as the rain started to come down like I haven’t seen for some time.

In keeping with the healthy eating policy of the school, the icing was gluten free; although, to be honest, that was unintentional. It just so happened that I noticed the gluten free information on the half-pack I had in my possession. I also suspect that icing is mostly gluten free, anyway, and it was put on there because That’s Just What Marketing Companies Do with whatever the latest health fad is.

(Again, no disrespect to genuine gluten-free-requiring people.)

I also ensured there was an abundance of fruit and green leafies

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