Curtailing Sky High Electricity Costs

This post is written in collaboration with Energy Australia

The cost of living, as you’ve probably noticed, or at least heard repeatedly on the telly, is rising at a rate so quickly that far too many Australians are able to keep up.

There are numerous reasons for this; fuel costs, unrest and war in countries on the other side of the world, people with lots of money needing more money and bumping the price of stuff up, the sense of entitlement an awful lot of people seem to have developed … any excuse the politicians can think of to explain all sorts of things that may or may not be relevant to the actual cost of living.

For this household, the cost has risen drastically due to the growth of children.

Food consumption (asuming one could technically class two-minute noodles, the staple of all fifteen-year-old boys, apparently) is at an all time high. It is matched only by internet usage.

I stubbornly refuse to increase the plan we’re on.

The growth of children, along with their alleged increasing independence, the excess use of internet data, and inability to see that there is no milk left has also seen the electricity bill take a hit.

So I’ve had to employ some novel ways to curtail usage.

Firstly, we had shade blinds installed; to keep the sun from setting fire to their north-facing bedrooms during Melbourne’s blistering summers.

Although at the time it was to help reduce the heat, and thus the need for excessive air conditioner use, it has also turned out to be of additional benefit.

Teenagers are akin to vampires, where they must hide away in rooms with doors and blackout curtains closed. Sunlight may cause them to melt. They can, however, function under artificial light, which must remain turned on at all times, even when they are not in the house, let alone in the room.

Removal of blackout curtains and light globes significantly decreases

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  1. I love the idea of balancing usage… but sometimes I question if I would get a better deal for my house if it was a business. In reality we probably have more people and technology than some offices anyway.

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