Cute in an Al Pacino – Godfather kind of way

Monkey Boy is off on school camp for two nights and three days tomorrow.

Last night we followed the standard Kid Packing For School Camp Routine, whereby I asked him to grab his list of what he needs to take whilst I grabbed the smallest bag possible after the packing debacle (my fault entirely!) two years ago whereby I put in an extra one of everythign “just in case”, follwed by a spare “in case the extra one gets wet” and then added the warm version of evetrything on the list, adding an extra of each “just in case” and another spare “just in case”.

That year, he went off to camp with a suitcase three times his actual size. He wore one t-shirt and a pair of shorts for the entire thing.

So I ensure I had smallest suitcase to keep myself in check.

The list was unlocatable, until I found it lying on the floor in the kitchen. Extremely difficult to find an A4 sized white piece

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