Daddy's Day

Father’s Day.

I am away all weekend. Again. Another seminar. Will they ever end.

Prior to my leaving yesterday morning, there was a bit of a to-do as Godzilla had decided that it was, in fact, Father’s Day yesterday. This is because there was an unopened present under Monkey Boy’s bed that he just had to open.

Monkey Boy, ever the diplomat, assured him there was one more sleep to go, and set about planning the morning.

“You know we can’t go into your bedroom until 7. Well, how about tomorrow, yes, I think we will come in at 6.50. You know, ten to 7? We’ll come in then.”

Right, you’re saying this like you’re giving me a choice.

The came in at 6.50on the dot. Grumpy was presented with his once beautifully wrapped present. Wrapped in a large drawing I had the kids do on Friday night, because I hadn’t got around to getting any proper wrapping paper.

He found his card done by Godzilla at kinder, the one with the monster on it. “My daddy is the best daddy in the world becuase he has some stuff and one book.”



Headed off to my course, and rang in the evening to see how the day unfolded.

Grumpy was in a grumpy bastard of a mood. Monkey Boy had been stirring his brother all day. And bashing him up.

I got Monkey Boy on the phone. “Were you bashing your brother up today?”


“How come daddy said you were?”

“I didn’t. I was only half bashing him up. To teach him a lesson!”

Noise of phone being fought over… Godzilla gets on the line.

“And I do teach him a lesson, too.”

“Mmm, hmm. What sort of lesson?”

“A Harry Potter one.”

Great. I have no idea what that means, but glad I am not there.

Monkey Boy again “Isn’t father’s day supposed to be about spending time with your kids, coz daddy’s saying its not?”

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