Damn Justin genetics!

Monkey Boy is off to school camp tomorrow morning. Just for two days and one night.

Not new; he did it last year.

He’s very excited!

The What To Pack for Camp note was partially consumed by Chippie at some point during the week, so the mission this week has been to procure a new list, which is seemingly impossible. Finally got my hands on one this morning and tonight we packed.

Suitcases retreived and note at the ready we commence … with “You’re the one going on camp, not me! Get in here and bloody help pack, NOW! Or you can go naked!”

From previous experience, I grabbed the smallest suitcase, gave myself a good talking to about overpacking (again!) and I yelled out items to be got and Monkey Boy went and got.

It was during this process I discovered something shocking.

Monkey Boy is also afflicted with the what I refer to as the “Justin Gene”.

“So, ok,I’ll pack two t-shirts and two long sleeve t-shirts. And two pairs of shorts and two pairs of tracksuit pants?”

“How about you put one t-shirt and shorts aside, wear them tomorrow on the bus, and then you have one in your bag,” I reply. Every fibre in my body screaming in resistance … but he needs the two sets in his suitcase, just in case!

“No. I think I’ll get another set out to wear tomorrow,” he says. “You know, to have a spare set in my bag just in case!

It is an affliction I have suffered my entire life

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