Damn Technology has Ruined My Satisfaction

After quite a number of months of not ‘liking’ posts on Facebook, and some significant revelations, coupled with a having a good, long, hard look at my self, I sucked up the nerve to do a bit of Life Clearing.

It started with a review of the Facebook groups I was in, pages, profiles, and instagramers I followed. I forced myself to make the time to sit and go through them all, extracting myself from those that no longer give me what I need or lift me (or drag me, kicking and screaming into a better place than I am now), or that bring me down.

Mostly, it was removing myself from groups that hadn’t been touched for months, by anyway, and I realised how many had given up on them well before I had. Yes, I’m that person that won’t leave a group, because I don’t want to upset the group owner, and I care more than they do. Heh.

Another lesson for me there, me thinks.

That done, and feeling free, I started with the assessment of my friends, and ‘friends’ on Facebook, memories that bring up hurt, photos that bring up intense pain, the the ridiculous amount of text messages I have on my phone that are likely the cause of the fact I have something like 0.3 of a megabite of storage left.

I scrolled and hid and deleted and unfollowed.

And much like the smartphone made the process of angrily hanging up on someone somewhat anticlimactic, this process was much the same.

No longer is there the satisfaction of vigourously rubbing out names in an adress book, tearing up photos, and throwing things across rooms.

(Not, technically, that I ripped up photos, nor, indeed, deleted any photos of anything, because even though they remind me of things I don’t want to be reminded of, and cause me pain, I am physically and mentally incapable of destroying photographic memories. Digital or otherwise. )

Being a considerate person, I didn’t even get to experience the enjoyment of a satisfying click or blop when I hit ok to hide/delete/unfollow. I have turned of the noise-when-you-tap-keys thing on my phone, because there is nothing worse than sitting next to someone who has it turned on. It’s almost, but not quite, as frustratingly annoying as people chewing so I can hear it. So I have mine turned off.

I don’t disparage technology. It has provided many, many wonderful things, many of which I am incredibly grateful for.

But taking away the sound and feeling of satisfaction?

That’s not cool.

Surely there’s an app that can bring it back?!?!

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