Damned if you do…? Lesser of two Evils …?? What …?

Awoke this morning, of my own accord, complete forgetting that Godzilla had been left alone, outside, all night in the tent in the back yard.

They I realised it was actually he that awoke me, when he ventured indoors for a moment … I listed for the wee sounds from the bathroom, and heard none. But I’d definitely heard the back door open, then close, then open and close again in quick succession.


I venture out and hear happy, chatty, play noises eminating from the tent. Monkey Boy is sitll in bed, so I have quick peak and discover Godzilla happily playing by himself, complete with dialogue that best remains left unsaid.

I commence my scheduled Wii Fit program, Chippie awakes, Grumpy tends to him, and I finish up what I’m doing. Remember he has childcare today – Yay, I remembered! – and we set about the morning routine. Which is already our of whack as Chippie is screaming, for no apparent reason.

Then the reason becomes apparent. He wants a lolly. Which is not going to happen. Also, they have been sitting there for nearly two weeks now and haven’t been an issue until now.

Then the next issue hits. We are out of porridge. Ok, we’ve been out of porridge for three weeks now. We will get around to getting it soon. It wasn’t on The List, therefore, the person who does the shopping didn’t know, as she has little, if anything, to do with porridge. Also, she is supposed to know these things through some form of telekinetic osmosis or something.

Let it be know that, although she is incredibly awesome, she does not work like this. She works off a List. Put it on the list and it shall be purchased, without question. Unless, of course, it is “poo poo wee bum” and then she will ignore it entirely.

I digress.

We are also out of milk. And bread. Peanut butter on a playing card is looking like a good option.

Chippie is still screaming. I convinced myself it is because he is out of routine, due to lack of all breakfast-like paraphernalia, and his usual porridge and yogurt (which we are also out of) breakfast, but we know this is complete shit. He just wants a lolly.

He’s not getting one.

But he has to go to childcare and we can’t send him without breakfast. Even though they feed them again at 9.00, it just doesn’t seem right. Does it?

Also, we probably have to mention it to them, so they know why he is devouring 13 what they call “morning teas”. Trying to work out what to tell them is the tricky bit – if you say you’re out of breakfasts, you’re a bad mum, if you say you gave him a lolly just to give him something, bad mum, if you tell him you didn’t eat … that could go one of many ways …

Hmm, it’s getting close and his screaming is getting louder, so we opt to take him, unbreakfasted, as we figure he’ll be eating there sooner rather than eating here later the way things are going. Also, we’d like to be devoid of the screaming. It’s getting a bit annoying.

Ok, a lot annoying. And he’s still not getting

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