Day of the Dilemmas

My week is not getting better.

I received The Phone Call from the Computery Fixit People, who advised me that my hard drive had, indeed, died. In computer (and non-computer) speak, it means I had lost everything. Everything on it.

I took my external hard drive in – phew, thank goodness for that. I had backed it up only last week and checked that the last lot of photos I uploaded were on it. The folders were set out completely differently to my desktop, but it appeared the backup had worked. There was some light. I just needed the “all done, come and get it phone call”.

Yesterday, after five months and numerous phone calls, the builders arrived for fix the damaged cabinet around our dishwasher. In September, it spewed a heap of water and caused damage to the wood. Rather than replace just the wood facade, they chose to replace the whole thing. Fine. Whatever.

And here they were, after five months.

A plumber arrived and disconnected everything plumby and water-relatedy.

A cabinet maker and his apprentice arrived and

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