Dear Diary Readers, I don't think I've been honest with you.

Dear gorgeous person reading my blog.

I’m sorry. I don’t think I’ve been being honest.

In my bid to look at “funny” side of having poo smeared on my jeans before a TV appearance, and screaming tantrums that involve train throwing, and sleep depreviation so severe my coffee machine wees on the floor and I am left lying in the foetal position trying to lick it up, I have inadvertantly caused the impression that I “have it all together”.

Yes, people have gotten the impression that I have a nanny. Or a house cleaner. Or a “person”. Or some kind of super power that enables me to bugger off to Shanghai for a couple of days, or attend 3 day conferences, or have a shower more than three times a week.

I’m sorry if I have given you this impression.

So, whilst I was sitting here, mulling over this dilemma whilst my personal, live-in massage therpist was giving me a good going over, and my nails were drying after the manicure / pedicure I’d just endured and my children were being supervised by … oh, someone else … I realise that *sob* I haven’t been honest with you.

Diary has always been about my daily … hmm, lets call them “parenting experiences”, designed intitially for me to be self-absorbed and remind (read: force) myself to laugh at what I’ve encountered during my day and stop myself from falling ino the abyss that is depression. Again.

It’s not fun down there.

It’s also made some other people laugh. And cry. And relate. Which is lovely.

But I have been holding back on some stuff, and there’s more in my head

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  1. Well, I had been wondering. Not about the “people”, but about the extent to which the laughter and hilarity was covering up some other stuff… Would love to see the other stuff. Maybe you’re human after all? Mind you, I wish I could see the hilarity in my life, the way you do….

  2. I am not sure if I am happy or disappointed that you don’t have “people”. Here I was hoping you kinda did, coz then I wouldn’t have to feel so bad about not being able to do half the stuff you get up to.

    On the other hand, my life does sound positively serene in comparison to yours, although still with a lack of showers and an abundance of bodily fluids that aren’t my own.

    Looking forward to the changes and seeing your coping (or not coping) secrets 🙂
    Thanks to your advice I am already cultivating a very impressive wine and chocolate teddy addiction….

  3. I never got that impression? But can’t complain about more “you”, I like reading it, its my daily soap opera. Way better than Days or Passions [is that even on now?]

  4. LOL Thanks guys.

    Dorothy, kinda – there’s stuff that goes on, that I don’t talk about much on here and some “bad” days where I can’t find the humour. Then I look – hard – and I find it and write it. I have Diary as an incentive for me to find it.

    If that all makes sense.

    Tab, Anke – yeah, most peopele understand that this is all real! Some have read differently into it. And that’s ok.

    I just realised I’m about being honest, and … and I have loads of other thoughts and stuff going through my head. Wanna get them out LOL

    Thank you xox

  5. I was only being silly when I wanted to know about your ‘staff’ you have behind you. Like all Real Mums I know it’s just you and that’s hard. I do enjoy reading your exploits and wonder how you manage to find the humour in so many situations. I also want to know how you do it as you seem to cope far better than I.

  6. LOL It wasn’t just your comments, Suzie – I know you know me better than that!

    Just funny the impressions you can actually make without meaning to, and how others (who don’t know you so well) can interpret what you say. Or misinterpret.

    But you will all get some of how I do it … soon!

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