Dear Diary readers, subscribers and fans,

Dear Diary readers, subscribers and fans,

Just a bit of a quick update, as I know Diary’s posts have been a bit scarce of late. All is good. Very good. Very, very good, in fact 🙂

Apart from being covered in snot, of course.

Anyhoo, two things:

1. We’re (by ‘we’ I mean me and someone I sucked into doing some tech stuff) are looking at a new and more user friendly template for the blog – so it will have a lovely new look sometime soon. And I’ll be able to tell you about other stuff going on.

2. VERY EXCITING! I am this close to being a published author. In fact, so close that I am doing a pre-publication sale of my first book … Mad Cow’s Guide to Bad Mothering (interim title).

If you would like to … actually, scratch that …. pre-order your copy NOW 🙂

From here

(And I’ll get back to blogging and diarising and being insane. It’s all YOUR fault. You read and subscribed and encouraged me 🙂 Thanks 😉

Mad Cow


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