Debates about Breastfeeding: It's all natural and normal

So … apparently some aging, balding man expresses his opinion on some significantly rating morning television show.

I don’t know. I didn’t watch it and haven’t gone back to search for it. I don’t watch these shows for a reason; essentially because they are designed to produce content that instigates discussion and debate to increase rating to ensure their advertisers receive exposure. You’re kidding yourself if you think differently.

What has intrigued me is the “discussion” and “debate” and “conversation” around his opinion- which some will tell you he is entitled to (he is, aren’t we all?), and is, ultimately, his job in order to reach the goal of securing advertisers for the show. Oh yeah, ok, and the perception of social debate for important issues.

Yadda, yadda.

Inevitably, the conversation has been reduced to “I breastfeed/didn’t breastfeed and …” with the unintended implication of “Therefore, this is how everyone should do it.”

This is not discussion, debate or even remotely useful. This is passing an experience off as opinion and, in some cases (not all – to be fair, a minority) forcing it onto others. I did it, therefore everyone should.

(I once ate an entire Chinese meal using chopsticks with my non-dominant hand, whilst breastfeeding a two month old, without making a mess … I don’t understand why breastfeeding women complain about not being able to eat! Stupid, huh? It’s true, I did do that. I can also tell you that prior to that, and since, I haven’t been able to eat a Chinese meal with my dominant hand without making

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  1. Well said. I think societly in general is lacking in acceptance and understanding of other peoples needs and feelings. If we all just did what we felt was right for us and our family whilst trying to respect others around us, we might find alot of these issues will becoming non-existent.

  2. Thank you for a balanced account, and for presenting all sides to this. Some people who are not against breastfeeding in public are, at the same time, uncomfortable about being witness to it. For a variety of reasons. And reducing it to the whole “well I did this, therefore you should do the same” is so juvenile and does nothing other than enrage people and add further negativity to the debate. Let’s be constructive and positive, and empathetic to other people’s thoughts/experiences/reservations without taking it personally or getting all high and mighty about it.

  3. Now you know I can not fight the urge to have an opinion …

    I think what is sad is that when people are so emotive about a subject they tend to have their blinkers and ear muffs on. Instead of considering what was actually said they blow it way out of proportion and take it in all sorts of tangents – but that, of course, is just my opinion.

    Yes, Koche is a MAN with an opinion – wow, cause there certainly aren’t many of those around …

    But I concur with my above ladies ^^. Thank you for sharing an intelligent, well balanced argument and bringing to light the sadness of Mothers attacking mothers.

    1. LOL – if people thought about what was actually said (and by whom in some circumstances) and not what they wanted to hear, then the media would be in the shit.

      And I love your opinions, because,without fail, they DO have rationalisation and thought provoking discussion behind them. They’re rarely, if ever, a blind, ‘this is my opinion’ rant. Love it!

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