December 21st

Ah, the last day of school.

Which means …. School Assembly!

And not just any assembly, but the End of Year, Finale, Santa, Avoid Doing Schoolwork Assembly.

Gifts for teachers were, thankfully, sorted and distributed.

Fortunately, most other parents at the school also avoided the “Christmas Card Debacle”, so Monkey Boy got only one, and I was therefore spared the torment of deciding how many he could hand out and to whom. And spared the torment of supervising the writing of them.

He insisted, however, on making the cards for his teachers, including drawings – all of which, as is standard, were drawn in greylead and nothing else. This was torment enough.

Assembly consisted of hours of awards presntations, thankyous to various groups throughout the year for whatever efforts they’ve put in, and then the “performances”

(I use the term loosely)

Yes, each class in the school put on a musical, singy piece.

Fortunately, my phone rang right near the beginning and I was called off to do a radio interview.

I was able to leave immediately following the four 10 year old boys, playing their electric renditions of a number of rock classics (“Can’t get no satisfaction”, a couple originally performed by the Beatles…), in a school hall with really bad accoustics. The final

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