December 26th

Recovery from the whole Christmas day thing.

Slept in.

Ate leftover Christmas pudding for breakky! Yum!

Drank too much coffee.

Spent another 4 hours finishing the putting together of a Lego train set, then getting first go with the remote control coz “I put it together so I get first go!!”

Six year olds don’t like it when you say that.

Crashed the train several times and was then told to grow up!

Missed a birthday party – whoops – so Grumpy took Monkey Boy just a smidge late.

Leaving the kids birthday present on the floor next to the shoes.

Afternoon spent watching the DVD’s gotten for Christmas.

Which, this year, was only the one – so when I say DVD’s, I mean the one DVD repeatedly.

I hope I don’t have the same traumatic experiences with cars that I currently do with the toys from Toy Story!

Checked into hotel where we are spending the next 6 nights with in-laws and their families.

Oh, help!

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