December 27th

A trip to Scienceworks was organised for everyone (yes, everyone! We’re doing the family thing, therefore everyone has to go!!)

Tantrums because I chucked a tanty about everyone being late for breakky and having to spend the whole day sitting around waiting!

Grr, how did I even end up in a family who are pathologicall late – and I’m talking a good hour, if not longer.

And they think its ok.

So, one BIL already not talking to me! Only five more to go.

Kids exhausted by end of day – but going out for dinner was on the cards.

Chinese restaurant who were over the moon at a booking of 30+.

Who then proceeded to provide the worst service I think I’ve ever encountered, despite the fact we were the only customers there! Hmmm, perhaps the lack of other customers was a sign.

Kids – due to the lack of feeding them asap – proceeded to go feral.

The adults weren’t much better.

A glass was broken, accidentally of course, and the table almost collapsed onto our laps. Not our fault.

Charged for the broken glass (what the …?) and got growled at for the table.

Home to bed, despite the protestations from the “I’m not tired” children (yeah, right!)

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